Best Datsun 240Z (1970-1973) Clutch Replacements

Like any classic vehicle featuring a manual transmission, your 240Z will inevitably need a clutch replacement at some point. No matter how skilled you are with the L24’s 4-speed manual, the average clutch experiences some natural wear and tear over time and will eventually need replaced. Fortunately, the amount of replacement parts available for your 240Z’s clutch are readily available at affordable prices. From the actual clutch assembly itself, to the clutch slave/master cylinders, and everything in between, here is a list of our recommended clutch replacement parts and components.


When to replace your clutch

It will be very obvious when it is time to replace your clutch — when your clutch starts ‘slipping’ it’s probably time to order a new one. Clutch slipping is identified by unexpected jumps in RPM without an associated jump in acceleration, while your car is in gear. Other signs include a strong odor coming from your engine bay on acceleration, and a higher engagement ‘point’ in your regular clutch operation. Once a clutch starts to go and begins slipping a bit, you can be sure that it will really deteriorate very quickly, so it’s best to replace as soon as you begin to notice slippage.


ZCarGuide’s #1 Recommended Clutch Replacement

We recommend the Centerforce DF583402 Clutch Pressure Plate and Disc if you are replacing your clutch. Centerforce is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to clutch components and this particular clutch set has served us well with our 240Zs. Centerforce parts are built to be a slight improvement from OE-style and serve as direct bolt-in replacements.

This particular clutch is a Dual-Friction variant: meaning that the disc has a full facing on the pressure plate side, along with a carbon composite style facing the flywheel side meaning your new clutch can be very comfortable and easy to use without sacrificing performance.


Replacement Clutch Slave Cylinder

The Diften 410-A0304-X01 is our recommended replacement clutch slave cylinder for 1970-1972 240Zs.

Another very common replacement in the clutch department for a 240Z is the slave cylinder. The 240Z features a master and slave cylinder for the clutch as the system is hydraulic. The slave cylinder tends to fail more often than the master cylinder, but fortunately the slave cylinder is very affordable and easy to replace.

The replacement part you want for this job depends on the model year of your 240Z. Both of them are direct bolt-in replacements.


Replacement Clutch Master Cylinder

While a far less commonly-needed replacement than the clutch slave cylinder, you may also find yourself in need of a replacement master cylinder for your clutch. The repair process is about as involved as the slave cylinder replacement.

Unlike the slave cylinder, the master cylinder does not differ based on the model year of your 240Z. For all 240Zs, we recommend the Beck Arnley 072-6521 Master Cylinder. This is a direct, bolt-in replacement to the original.

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