Best Datsun 240Z Dashboard Covers

A dashboard cover is a great way to fix one of the most common 240Z problems — a cracked, sun-damaged dashboard.

A very unfortunate but common issue with the Datsun 240Z is that the dashboard is very susceptible to UV damage. After 40+ years in the sun, most 240Z dashboards have become cracked, extremely worn, and warped. While we do have a complete guide to repairing your dashboard on any Z car, another option you might be interested in is installing a dash cover. A dash cover is a great idea whether you want to cover your already cracked/split dashboard, or if you want to get ahead of the game and protect it from future damage, as all of the options here are made of UV-resistant material.

These are extremely common because they are quick and easy to install, and they look quite natural inside your 240Z. After I bought my 240Z, I didn’t realize that mine had a dash cover installed until a couple months after owning it! They really look that natural and original. This is a great option for someone who wants a quick and inexpensive fix, temporary or not. For those looking for one of these products, below is a list of some of the best 240Z dashboard covers available for sale that I could find.

Quick note for my readers: some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click on the link and make a purchase. I only recommend products I’ve used and trust unless stated otherwise.


ZCarDepot ABS Plastic Dash Cap

The 1973 dash cap from ZCarDepot is a full dash cap, meaning it covers the bottom half of the dashboard instead of only the top.

ZCarDepot offers the highest quality dashboard cover available for the 240Z. It is constructed out of black ABS plastic meant to emulate a vinyl textured surface. In my experience, this is the most commonly bought dash cover for 240Z owners, but you would barely know as they fit perfectly.

One important thing to consider is that there are two different ZCarDepot dash caps, one for 1970-1972 240Zs and one for just the 1973 240Z. However, 1973 was a transition year so some 240Zs will need the first type, and others will need the second type. To know for sure, you want to look for the “cross” right next to the Hazard Lights switch. For more information, check out the item descriptions listed below. Both dash covers come with adhesive and can be installed in minutes.


Accuform 1970-1973 240Z Dash Cap

The Accuform dash cap is an affordable, high-quality option which offers quick installation.

This product by Accuform is of similar construction to the ZCarDepot option. It utilizes Hi-Temp ABS plastic which is not susceptible from UV damage or extreme temperatures. Like all dash caps, this option is quick and easy to install with the included silicone adhesive and fits perfectly to your existing dashboard. The Accuform dash cap does not require you to remove your existing dash or any other interior parts. The only caveat in installation is that you should leave about 2 hours after installing the dash cap to allow it to set, which is expected when you’re using adhesive like this.

This dash cap only covers the top half of your dashboard, but does not form a noticeable seam where it ends and the rest of the dash begins. This is actually the dash cap I have installed in my 240Z, and again my dash cap is very difficult to notice. Another great feature of the Accuform dash cap is that the company actually warranties the product for the life of your vehicle. This is an affordable product (approximately half the price of the ZCarDepot option) and will remedy the issue of your cracked dashboard to renew a large part of your interior to like-new appearance. Click here to see the current price of this dash cap on Amazon.


Seat Covers Unlimited Dash Cover Mat Pad

This product is not meant to look original, but will offer UV protection for your dashboard.

This option produced by Seat Covers Unlimited is actually not a dash cover that is designed to restore the appearance of your dashboard. Instead, this cover is made out of carpet along with a UV-protection material to ensure that your dash is not damaged further. So, if your dash only has one or two cracks, you may want to install something like this to ensure that your dashboard is not damaged further before you completely restore it. Similarly, if you are fortunate enough to own a 240Z that does not have any sun/UV damage yet, you might want to invest in this product to make sure it stays that way!

This option, while nowhere near as aesthetically original as the other dash caps/covers listed here (this isn’t even meant to replicate the original appearance) is a very affordable option if you are just looking for protection. This product also comes with adhesive material in the form of self-adhesive Velcro to make installation quick and easy. Click here to read more about this product and see if it is right for your 240Z.



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