Datsun 240Z Stock Paint and Interior Colors (US and Canada)

As was customary in the 70s, the 240Z came in a wide array of color options in the North American market. The most difficult to tell apart are 115 and 903 blue and 110 and 905 red although if you study enough and pay attention to the dates offered, you can get some clues. Only a few exterior colors were offered for the entirety of 240Z production – 918 orange, 904 white, and 901 silver. The others mostly switched over to slightly different colors for the start of the 1972 model year. Below are examples of all the available exterior and interior colors, as well as which combinations were offered, along with the years these colors were offered.

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Exterior Colors

Dates Available Paint Code Advertised Name(s) Example Car Paint Chip Available Interior(s) (by model year)
Sept. 1971 and on 110 Red     White or black available in 1972. Only black offered in 1973, although Canadian models could have been beige (off-white).
Sept. 1971 and on 112 Lime     Black
Sept. 1971 and on 113 Green Metallic, Avocado, Leaf Green     Brown
Sept. 1971 and on 114 Bronze Metallic, Brown Metallic     Brown
Sept. 1971 and on 115 Blue Metallic     White or Beige (off-white)
All of production 901 Silver Metallic     Black offered 1970, 1971, and 1973. 1972 is the only year Red interior was offered with this exterior.
Until Aug. 1971 903 Universal Blue     Blue or Black
All of production 904 Kilimanjaro White     Blue or Black was available in 1970 and 1971. In 1972 and 1973, only red was available.
Until Aug. 1971 (replaced by 110 red) 905 Monte Carlo Red     Black
Until Aug. 1971 907 Racing Green   Brown or black
All of production 918 New Sight Orange     Black, although White was available in 1972 only.
Until Aug. 1971 919 Sunshine Yellow     Black
Until Aug. 1971 920 Safari Gold, Mustard     Black


Interior Colors













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