Datsun 280Z for Sale

  • Mileage: 12,364 miles
  • Color: Silver
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Located in: Reynoldsburg, OH
  • ZCarGuide Condition Assessment: Good

Up for auction is a very well kept and amazingly low mileage 1976 Datsun 280Z recently acquired from the estate of the original owner. I have not tried to start it as the last registration was 1989. I have included pictures from the garage where it has been stored since that time and some pics after I wiped it down. Cleaning it up a little and freeing the rear brake drums to get her to roll , towing her away and buying a cover to protect her is all I have done up till now. Nothing I’ve seen leads me to believe This car and mileage is anything but original. The interior is nearly flawless, the carpet in hatchback is a little faded I believe from sun through garage window where she was stored. The car was undercoated and garage kept so the exterior has one small ding on hood, missing strip on passenger side ( stickon that some people remove and polish} and very slight paint bubbles. These are the only things I’ve noticed. This is your chance to breathe life back into this beauty and get a great low mileage classic at a price that allows you to perfect it and have an incredible value. Vehicle is sold as is. Feel free to ask questions but serious inquiries only. Pickup , shipping and handling to be covered by buyer. After receiving many requests for more information and pictures I went back out last night to take pictures and inspect. Keep in mind this car has only had the exterior wiped down, the interior and the engine compartment have not even been cleaned much less detailed but this thing looks good. I found the jack and other compartment and they are perfect and spotless. I had pulled the plugs about a month ago and added marvel , put them back and covered the car back up. Last night I checked her out , hand turned , then hooked up battery and she turns over .Tank is empty but smells like laquer. While battery was hooked up , I checked lights etc. Everything I could think to check works. Lights (1 headlight out) Flashers radio, antennae , directional , heater fan, rear defogger light , seat belt light ,dashlights , instruments all work. The headliner and the rest of the interior in my opinion are amazing. I’m sure there are others like this but I’m betting they are not easy to find. The more I see the more I wish I could keep her. I took a lot more pics last night and am not sure if I can get them on this post so if you are really interested I think I can send them through email messaging. Thanks for looking. I’m going to try deleting existing and adding new.

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