Nissan 300ZX for Sale

  • Mileage: 35,398 miles
  • Color: White
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Located in: Fort Worth, TX
  • ZCarGuide Condition Assessment: Excellent

Featuring a sharp, timeless design and turbocharged power under the hood, this 1995 Nissan 300ZX Turbo is a great example at just how adept Nissan was at making effective updates to retain their storied nameplate’s status as a ”go-to” performance car still attainable by the masses. It sports a clean AutoCheck report, as well as a collection of maintenance records, to serve as proof it’s avoided any collisions of note and has received attentive care over the years.

Second generation 300ZX’s like this ’95 hold a special place in Nissan’s design heritage, as stylistically they represent an obvious bridge between the first pivotal group of Zs that wowed audiences decades before, and the more modern ZXs we see on the road today. Low to the ground and carrying a relatively wide track, it’s a very agile-looking ride – an impression that readily bears out in practice, as just a couple of years before it came out, the 300ZX laid waste to some well-respected foes on the slalom course when Motor Trend put it through its paces. Its Arctic White Pearl paint will pass close scrutiny with flying colors – it’s free of any serious blemishes and sports an impressive shine. Step to the front and you’ll see a pair of headlights staring back at you through clear lenses, and swing around to the back and you’ll find a taillight panel that’s still a nice, deep black. As a decided bonus, the 300ZX is one of those fortunate models that cuts an impressive appearance whether its T-top panels are in place or stowed in the trunk for an open-air driving experience.

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