Best Suspension Upgrades for a Datsun 240Z

The stock Datsun S30 suspsension system featured independent struts in both the front and the rear, with the front struts being MacPherson struts. While this setup does work reliably for a stock 240Z, many 240Z owners seek to upgrade their suspension system, especially if they are adding other performance mods as well. Purchasing an entirely new suspension system is often a difficult decision and an expensive one, so we’ve organized the best 240Z suspension upgrades available on the market to help you decide. We only want to recommend readers of ZCarGuide the most trusted companies and parts, so the suspension upgrades listed below are the most common upgrades we see on 240Zs and are offered by highly reputable companies with a history of good customer service.

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Techno Toy Tuning

Techno Toy Tuning’s impressive rear end conversion kit.

Techno Toy Tuning produces the most high quality suspension systems that we’ve seen. Techno Toy Tuning setups are the ‘be-all and end-all’ of suspension systems in the S30 mod community. Techno Toy Tuning offers both front and rear suspension upgrade kits built with only the highest quality materials: spindles made of chromoly, fully powdercoated housings, Koni adjustible shocks, Eibach ERS springs, etc. They package it all together into complete kits which makes this upgrade far easier, although they do offer these parts for sale individually if you prefer. Along with top-of-the-line performance and construction, Techno Toy Tuning kits look great aesthetically.

The rear-end suspension kit from Techno Toy Tuning is a great upgrade if you are planning on modifying your 240Z to add a bit of horsepower and torque. Simply put, the stock suspension might not be able to handle the additional power. Techno Toy Tuning claims that their rear-end kits have been installed in over 100 240Zs with horsepower ranging from 250HP all the way to 1100HP!

Techno Toy Tuning’s ‘Evolved Front Coilover Conversion kit‘ (for the 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z) is built on a custom-order basis, so you can tell them the exact spring rates you want, or just chose from a selection of their most commonly ordered rates:

  • 3kg. front, 4kg. rear for “cruising or spirited driving”
  • 4kg. front, 5kg. rear for “a firm ride or light track use”
  • 5kg. front, 6kg. rear for “track use with sticky tires”

The company lists about a two week turnaround to build and deliver your custom kit.

The only downside to Techno Toy Tuning products, predictably, is price. While these kits are certainly some of the best around in terms of quality and performance, they are also some of the most expensive. The rear-end conversion kit runs just shy of $3,000 and the front-end kit is about $1,000. If you are looking to save some money, you can look on eBay for used kits and parts but if you are set on buying a completely new kit, the Techno Toy Tuning setups will cost you a pretty penny.


KYB Struts and Eibach Springs

KYB struts are the perfect replacement for worn OEM struts and offer improved performance at a good price point.

If you just want to replace your worn OEM struts with something that performs better than stock (or really anything that isn’t completely shot!) you can replace them with a set of KYB Struts. KYB struts are the go-to suspension upgrade for most 240Z owners now that Tokico struts are difficult to obtain. These struts are also an affordable option and offer improved cornering, steering response, and braking. KYB struts reduce body roll, bottoming, and in general deliver a much better ride than the stock struts.  Additionally, these are perfect replacements for OEM struts, you can just install them the same way you would a stock set.

The KYB Struts listed here are sold individually. Please note that you will need to buy two front struts, and two rear struts. Overall, KYB struts are the most economical option you have if you want to upgrade your suspension. Combine them with polyurethane bushings, and it will make a vast and immediate difference in how your 240Z rides and performs on the road.

We recommend Eibach Springs as replacement springs to go along with your KYB struts. You can find these for sale at TheZStore and they cost $234.95 at the time of writing.


BC Racing Adjustible Coilovers (BR Series)

Another great option is the BR Series Coilover set from BC Racing. If you are set on buying coilovers and need an adjustable suspension system, this kit will serve you well. This suspension system features both ride height and dampening adjustment and both controls are easily accessible so you can make these adjustments on the fly. These coilovers are perfect for someone who wants to take their 240Z to the track on the weekend, but also enjoy a nice smooth ride around town. This BC Racing set is the epitome of high quality build: from the coilover springs which are produced with high strength, rigorously tested steel, to the oil used in the damper unit which is of the highest quality to ensure impressive damper performance.

Similar to the Techno Toy Tuning kit, this set is also a full set — you’ll get 4 independent coilovers to completely swap over your suspension system. However, these coilovers can be bought for a much cheaper price point than the Techno Toy Tuning kits. A full set will run you under $1300 and serves as a complete replacement. For someone looking for a high performance, adjustable kit, the value for money you get with BC Racing coilovers makes them one of the best options out there.



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