Datsun 240Z Exhaust Guide – Best Exhaust Systems with Sound

The Datsun 240Z’s L24 engine is a prime candidate for a modified exhaust system. While many Z enthusiasts prefer to keep things as original as possible, many others opt for an aftermarket exhaust system for an extra performance kick and enjoyable sound. The aftermarket parts market for the Z is quite large and diverse, so if you are looking to swap out your exhaust, you will not be at a loss for options. However, because there are so many different possible exhaust setups, we at ZCarGuide have put together a ton of different exhaust systems to help you make your choice. For each setup, this guide will tell you the parts involved and allow you to listen to the exhaust note. If you’d like to learn more about a specific exhaust system part including the up-to-date price, simply click on the part listed. If you’re trying to figure out what exhaust is best for you, I’d recommend you grab a pair of good headphones and listen to these examples!

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Datsun ZStory Exhaust Systems

Datsun ZStory is one of the most trusted names in high-performance aftermarket Z parts. The company is located in France and has a large selection of exhaust systems and other performance products. In terms of exhaust parts, ZStory produces mufflers (which we carry on our store here), exhaust lines, and headers. The product selection spans across competition-level, high-performance, to regular everyday driver usage. While ZStory may be the furthest away company from our mostly US-based audience out of all the exhaust parts companies listed here, you will find that their shipping is both quick and affordable.

Check out this YouTube video by Fast and Curious to get a sense of the sounds a Datsun ZStory exhaust system can offer.

Fujitsubo Legalis R System

Fujitsubo is a Japanese auto parts manufacturer specializing in exhausts. Fujitsubo’s Legalis R exhaust is a popular choice for the S30 — featuring a full stainless steel twin 2″ pipe system. The exhaust note is throaty and you’ll often get a nice crackle the end. Fujitsubo offers a header-back exhaust system which sounds beautiful on its own, but you can also purchase a matching Fujitsubo Legalis R header to really improve the sound and performance of this system.

Pace Setter Headers with 18″ Resonator and Turbo Muffler

This exhaust system relies on the affordable Pace Setter headers which still sound excellent. This particular setup pairs this header with an 18″ resonator and a turbo muffler. While the owner of this particular 240Z did not specify the brand of resonator or muffler used, we’ve listed two possible substitutes there. The entire system uses 2.5″ pipes.

Magnaflow Turbo Muffler with 2.25″ Custom Exhaust

This particular 240z has a relatively simple setup — custom 2.25″ custom exhaust that ends with a nice-sounding Magnaflow Turbo muffler. This sound is distinctive and idles nicely. This setup would be a great choice if you want your exhaust to sound similar to stock, but with a little extra kick.

MSA 3-2 Headers with Twice-Pipe Exhaust

This is an extremely popular choice for the 240Z — a 3-2 header is a fantastic choice and MSA produces one of the best 3-2 headers you can get for your 240Z. This particular MSA header sold by our friends at The Z Store is an affordable option. The Z Store also sells the full twice-pipes exhaust system that matches this and is demonstrated in the audio above. This twice-pipes exhaust system kit requires no welding and sounds beautiful with its twin glass-pack mufflers.

MSA 6-1 Header with 2.5″ Pipes and Borla XS Pro

This is a unique setup that sounds awesome. The owner of this car has outfitted his 240Z with a MSA 6-1 header from TheZStore, custom 2.5″ piping, and a Borla XS 2.5″ Pro muffler. It is also worth noting that this setup includes a pair of 32/36 Weber carburetors instead of the stock SU carburetors. While carburetors do not necessarily fall under the domain of exhaust, the Webers add such a distinctive noise that I felt it was necessary to list them as part of this system!

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