Vehicle Identification Numbers for Datsun S30 (240Z, 260Z, 280Z)

As the Z car continues to become more of a collector’s item, originality and authenticity begin to play a larger role in the marketplace for this particular car. When looking at a 240Z, a 260Z, or 280Z, you’ll want to verify that it is a numbers matching car. To do this means to verify that the VIN matches in two places, and that the engine number matches in two places.

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To get the vehicle identification number, look at the top of the dashboard on the driver’s side, from outside the car. If the car is a 240Z or 280Z, in the windshield you will see an ID number which starts with “HLS30-“. If the car is a 260Z, you will instead see an ID number which starts with “RLS30-” or “GLRS30-” (for the 2+2 model) in the windshield. You’ll want to make sure this matches up with the VIN plate located on the passenger-side strut tower. Of course, also make sure this matches up with the information you see on any paperwork that might come with the car.

Next thing you’ll want to check is that the engine numbers match. The VIN plate will also contain the engine number. You want to make sure that that number matches up with the number stamped on the right side of the engine at the rear of the cylinder block. You can see pictures below that will help you locate these numbers. Again, if you’re looking to verify authenticity, ideally you also have paperwork to test these numbers up against.

Another piece of information is the door jam production plate. It will have the month of production stamped, and your VIN (after HL/GL/GLR S30-) will be stamped as well although the year will be printed.

See the images below to get a better understanding.

The engine plate located on the passenger side strut tower in the engine bay.


Here’s what the engine number stamp will look like.


The dashboard VIN location.


Here’s what the door jam plate will look like.


The location of the engine-bay VIN plate.


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