Z Specs

For now, this only contains information on the 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z – the ‘classic’ Z-Cars. In the future, we plan to add more specifications about later Zs.

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General Performance Specifications

Engine Displacement Power Torque Wheelbase Length Width Height Curb. weight
240Z L24 2393cc / 146 in3 151hp at 5600 rpm 146 lb ft at 4400 rpm 2305mm 4140mm 1626mm 1283mm 1044 kg
260Z L26 2600cc / 160 in3 162 hp at 5600 rpm 157 lb ft at 4400 rpm 2300mm (2604mm for 2+2) 4140mm (4445mm for 2+2) 1626mm 1283mm 1100kg (1200kg for 2+2)
280Z L28 2753cc/ 168 in3 170 hp at 5600 rpm 163 lb ft at 4400 rpm 2304mm 4399mm 1631mm 1631mm 1304kg


Engine Specifications

Block Material Bore Stroke Head Compression Ratio
L24 Cast iron 83mm 73.7mm E31 (‘70-71) E88 (’72-74) 9.0:1 (E31), 8.7:1 (E88)
L26 Cast iron 83mm 73.7mm E31 (‘70-71) E88 (’72-74) 9.0:1 (E31), 8.7:1 (E88)
L28 Cast-iron 86.1mm 79mm N42, N47, P79, P90 Varies, approx. 8.8:1



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