Datsun 240Z for Sale

  • Mileage: 88,000 miles
  • Color: Black
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Located in: Sun City West, AZ
  • ZCarGuide Condition Assessment: Good

VIN is very early model: HLS30-00656. Car was built in 1/70. If you are seriously interested in the car, please read everything below and watch the YouTube videos (links below). I bought this car 4 years ago as a project and have worked on it for 3 years to tear it down and restore it. The engine in the car is not original. The original engine was barely running and I purchased this engine from a salvage yard and it is from a 1982 280ZX 2+2. The salvage yard folks said the engine had 88K miles on it and I tend to believe them after I took the valve cover off to paint it and detail the engine. It is immaculate inside – not one tiny bit of sludge under the valve cover. The mileage on the vehicle is unknown. I do know it had not been driven for many years before the seller I bought it from got it.

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