Datsun/Nissan 280ZX for Sale

  • Mileage: 83,986 miles
  • Color: Red
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Located in: Santa Ana, CA
  • ZCarGuide Condition Assessment: Good

Offered for sale, from KURT TANNER MOTORCARS, is this quite spectacular and amazingly well-preserved 280 ZX T-Top Coupe. This car was just purchased from the car’s believed 2nd owner with it’s original 84,000 miles on the speedometer and was purchased from the Tacoma, Washington area. It is understood that this car has been garaged since new and has never been driven in inclement weather, and it shows.
The original condition of this car is breathtaking, and could only be achieved after it’s 39 years of age by two very caring and fastidious owners. This car presents pretty much 100% completely original in just about every way possible, save for the replaced tires, a battery, and some minor paintwork to the windshield valance. If the speedometer read “8400” miles, it would still be very believable, as the original condition of this car is exciting and refreshing to see…
The paintwork on this car is 100% original except for a simple repaint of only the valance in front of the windshield, behind the hood. I presume this was stained by some battery acid and was corrected at some point. The paintwork overall presents nearly factory perfect with plenty of gloss and that factory light orange peel finish. There are a few minor, barely noticeable, small chips here and there from use with the most of them on the nose of the car from normal driving. Bumpers, light lenses, glass, rubber, body fittings all appears in excellent condition.
The car’s interior shows the same story here. It’s 100% mint original. The velour front seats are PERFECT, as well as the dashboard, steering wheel, plastic items. The red color of the interior is incredibly vibrant and crisp, further proof that the car lived indoors away from the sun. The T-top panels operate perfectly, unlatching and lifting them on and off the car, and includes the factory stowage bags when removed. The carpet and interior panel set are in mint condition.
Mechanically, the car behaves perfectly in every way. It starts instantly on the key with no issues, warms up quickly, and drives wonderfully well, tight, and quietly down the road without fault. Documents show it received a clutch replacement at 66k miles. The engine compartment is mind-boggling clean, sanitary, crisp and original, showing just some slight acid splash around the battery area/rear of the hood. Even the factory plating on the hardware and fittings still look nice.
Overall, a pretty spectacular and original car that has made it to 39 years in this condition. Kudos to the two previous caring owners. This lovely collector grade example (regrettably!) offered for sale here is a rare find in this rising Z-car market, and is a shrewd buy going forward.

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